Family Bonding on Road Trips

by Alaina on September 20, 2013

roadtripOur family of six spends a lot of miles in our van every summer. When we just had one child we would drive if we were going anywhere within a day’s drive usually. Any further than that and we would fly. Then along came#2. By then living as a family of four on a freelancing journalist’s salary was tight to say the least. We drove pretty much everywhere except when we went to Florida to visit family. Colorado to Florida is about a 30 hour drive, surely we were not that poor yet. Then along came #3…unexpectedly…and still on a journalist’s salary. By then most of our Florida family had moved here but my brother decided to move to upstate New York and get married. So we all piled in the van and drove 28 hours to the wedding. It was not what I would call fun considering by then #3 was a year old but it wasn’t horrible either. From then on out no drive seemed too far. We have made the drive to New York many times since then. We did it because we didn’t have a choice back then. Last summer my husband drove us all out to New York then flew back home to go back to work.  I dared a drive down to Virginian and then a week later all the way home from Virginia with the four kids by myself. I never would have thought I would agree to that, 26hours in the car driving by myself with four kids. And it was fun. Besides that trip we drove to Florida, later in the summer to a bibleschool in Texas, from Texas to New Mexico before coming home and then in September we took a family vacation to San Diego. Now our family is reaching a place financially where there may be times somewhere in the future where we could afford to fly occasionally. Still with a family of six I am sure most places we would still drive but the thought made me stop and think about families who always fly and never experience the crazy road trips we do. This summer after going to Utah, Virginia, Kentucky  and Texas we took an easy 17 hour drive to Lake Tahoe. When the kids heard 17 hours they thought it sounded like a breeze. You know your kids are road trip warriors when 17 hours in the car sounds easy. Sure we have had some bad road trips including one throwing up in the car and our youngest giving himself such a bad kink he couldn’t stand up straight for several days. But now I look back and I wouldn’t trade those road trips for plane rides. Of course, I don’t usually have to do much of the driving so I should probably check with my husband on that, he may feel differently. All in all though the kids have learned to keep themselves entertained during road trips. Their love for books grows as they load up on books, only one movie is allowed per day in the car. They learn all the silly road trip games. They learn their states and have been through more of them than all of their friends. They learn about nature, God’s handiwork all around us and their country’s National Parks(they have been to nine of them). They learn not to whine and also learn to get along being stuck with each other in the car for that long. We have made a lot of memories on our road trips and we have been sooooo many more places than if we had sat at home because we could not afford to fly. I love traveling and getting to see new things and instead of longing for the money to put as all on a plane somewhere I am thankful for the very, very many places we have been, a husband that loves to drive, a car that always gets us there safely and a God that watches over us.

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