My Favorite Child

by Alaina on August 2, 2013

This past May, our oldest child became a teenager. How that is possible I have no idea. It seems I was just a teenager myself. I could tell you all 041kinds of motherly reminiscent stories or whine about the fact that these thirteen years have gone by WAY too fast but I won’t. I have already turned into one of those moms who comments to people with babies to enjoy the time, it goes by too fast. Yes, I am that annoying person already and I still have a four year old. The thing that blows my mind the most about the fact that he is thirteen is that my husband was thirteen when I met him.

My husband and I did not date when he was thirteen years old but he did catch my eye. We became pen pals, living in different states at the time. When I was twenty we began dating long distance. Six months later we were engaged. Five months after that we were married. He is an amazing husband and father and I can only hope that I can turn my sons into the husband and father he has become.

To look at my son and think that he could meet someone now that could be the love of his life blows my mind. On the other hand, I look at him and think he is just the sweetest thirteen year old boy that I have ever known. He is very thoughtful and kind to everyone. He is the one who always notices when something is bothering me. He is a very capable boy who is smart beyond his years and is a wonderful example to the other three children. He will be a wonderful husband one day. To me he is still my baby but he is growing up and soon other girls will look at him the way I looked at my husband at that age. Right now, every hug he gives me I enjoy every second of. Every time he tells me  “I love you”, my heart savors it. Every time he climbs next to me on the couch to cuddle a little, I tell myself to remember this. I know you are absolutely not supposed to have a favorite child. But standing on the edge of this brink seeing that he will not be my baby boy much longer, right now he is my favorite.

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