Wendy, My Darling

by Alaina on March 1, 2012

“Wendy” is my second born. Wendy  is the name she picked to be known by on this blog after the character Wendy Darling from her recently sydread book Peter Pan but it is a good fit for her. She takes care of all of the other kids. She has a huge heart.

Wendy was born in 2002. She was the easiest baby. She started sleeping through the night when she was only a month old. This seemed like a dream come true at the time compared to our firstborn sleeper who took almost a year — although that was mostly due to my mistakes and inability to let him cry.  As a baby, she was very easy-going and happy. Her sleeping through the night got longer and longer. She would sleep from 9pm until 9am awake for a couple of hours and then go back to sleep. If given a really dark and quiet room she would sleep until woken. Often I had to go in and check on her to appease my worries of something being wrong. I started teaching her sign language as I had her older brother and she would look at me and then say the word skipping the signing all together. By a year old she was talking our ears off. Maybe she made our lives a little too easy because we got pregnant again by the time she was ten months old. That little beauty will be for another post.

Wendy was and is a generally happy child. After a few years she started referring to herself as the “easy child” not because she overheard us saying that, but just out of pure observation. Of course I discouraged it, not wanting to make the other kids self conscious, but the husband and I giggled about it privately. These days she still smiles a lot, she reads a lot, she likes to play basketball and is constantly doing handstands and other gymnast tricks around the house. She is learning to play the guitar and the piano. Her favorite subject is writing. She has been claiming since she was about seven years old that she will be a nurse when she grows up. She also wants to have eight children. From her I actually believe these claims if she can find a husband crazy enough to agree. She loves babies and taking care of younger children. Sadly I learn from watching her sometimes, she has so much patience and compassion with kids. She loves to take care of our youngest, who has not been introduced here yet. He often wakes and goes directly to her room to see if she is awake before checking on me. If she is up, she usually takes him downstairs to get him breakfast and leaves me to my painfully slow waking up routine. I often tell her just to send him in to me, that she doesn’t have to get him breakfast but she enjoys it. She likes doing the “mommy” things and has from the start- changing diapers at the age of seven, claiming she can’t wait to be old enough to babysit.

She is a very happy girl and I just love that about her. She has been known to wake up and say “I am so excited about today.” When asked why she just replies, “I don’t know”.  She is extremely compassionate. On occasion she has been known to say things that both surprise me and teach me. On one occasion she said about her aunt being sick “I wish I was sick.” I wondered what the eight year old at the time meant by this but then she explained that she wished that she could be sick instead of her 20 year old aunt. I wish I could take credit but I don’t know where she has learned this from. This year she is collecting money for the Ronald McDonald House by walking dogs and raking leaves. She is a blessing to me and I think everyone in this family learns from her in some way.

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