A Great Alternative to Braces-Invisalign

by Alaina on November 11, 2011

Many of you out there were probably metal-mouthed teenagers like me. So raise your hand if you just loved your braces??? No one??? Well, you’re not alone, because I sure didn’t either. The worst thing I remember about braces was the trips to the dentist to get them tightened and having a sore mouth and headache for the entire rest of the day. I even had the torture of wearing head gear to fix my bite although thankfully it was only at night. I only had braces for a year and only on my top teeth. My bottom teeth are sure crooked as well but I think because of cost my parents focused on fixing the top ones. Because of how much I hated braces I have been dreading the fact that my oldest who is currently 11 also needs braces. He is mildly self conscious about his teeth already so I definitely want to get them fixed but I am also dreading the fact that I know he will be even more self conscious about the braces. All of this is why I was very interested in meeting with one of the sponsors at a recent blogging conference I attended, Invisalign.

For those of you who are not familiar with Invisalign, it works in much the same way metal braces do but instead uses a custom made series of clear aligner trays. The samples I saw at the blogging conference were smooth and comfortable looking and made from clear plastic. Once you have started treatment you receive a new aligner every couple of weeks and you throw the old one away so you don’t have to worry about them getting gross after a while and you also don’t have to worry about those painful trips to the orthodontist to get the braces tightened. The other purpose of sending a new aligner every couple of weeks is so your teeth are adjusted slowly over time based on the movements planned out by your dentist or orthodontist. Of course, in my opinion, the best part about Invisalign is that they are clear and that no one will even know you are wearing them.

Invisalign has a special program designed especially for teens called Invisalign Teen  and they seem to have thought of everything that you are probably thinking could be a possible problem. Teens are not known for being the most responsible people in the world so for one thing Invisalign Teen offers six free replacement aligners in case they lose a few. The clear aligner trays also have a small compliance indicator on the side that changes colors if they are wearing it as much as they are supposed to. This makes teens responsible for wearing it because both their parents and their orthodontist will know if they have not been wearing it. Another great thing about the Invisalign trays is that you can just remove them while you eat so you don’t have to worry about not being able to eat certain things or getting food stuck in your braces. The cost of Invisalign is virtually the same as braces so I guess the only excuse I have left to force my soon-to-be teen to get metal braces would be to make him endure the pain and humiliation I went through as a teenager. Hmmm….

As an adult, I have considered getting my own teeth fixed again too but who wants to be a 30-something adult with a mouth full of braces? Not me. When I learned about Invisalign I thought it would be a perfect way to get my bottom teeth fixed along with the ones on the top that have shifted. After looking at all the benefits of Invisalign, I am planning on making appointments for both myself and my son to have a consultation. I am looking forward to fixing my teeth without needing to be  self conscience while doing it. For those of you interested in checking it out for yourself stop by the Invisalign website for more information and to find a provider near you. If any of you have used Invisalign already I would love to get some feedback from you about what you liked or did not like about it.


** This is a sponsored post for which I was paid but the opinions stated therein are 100% my own, for more information visit my disclosure policy**

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